The Visceral Company
An evening of dark one-act plays

July 12-14th, 2010

Spirit – A story of love and ghostly revenge. Written by Rochelle Perry, directed by Dan Spurgeon, with Henreé Alyse, Josh Fanaroff and Samm Hill.

Deeds – A rural housewife who talks to “angels” gets more than she bargained for when the local preacher pays her a visit. Written by Thomas J. Misuraca, directed by Dan Spurgeon, with Heidi Appe, Jonathan Harrison and Richard Lewis Warren.

Plato's Cave – A man finds his reality splintering and growing increasingly unfamiliar. Written by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Bryan Whalen, with Jackie Marriott, Jules Vincent and Jerry Weil.

Ghost Light – Four college students meet at an old and supposedly haunted theatre for Halloween games, and encounter more than they expected. Written by Dan Spurgeon, directed by Becky Lorenne, with Cuyle Carvin, Todd Gaebe, Karoly James and Jordan Jude.

The Los Angeles Theatre Scene

FOUR SHADOWS takes over the Mainstage in LA!!!

***** (five out of five stars)

Written by skip2mylou on Jul-13-10 10:29am

I had the wonderful opportunity to see the premier production of FOUR SHADOWS at Write Act Repertory last night.  The show is the first production by the newly formed company Visceral Company.  The Visceral Company is a new and exciting theatre company dedicated to exploring the strange and macabre.  Although the show is only being billed as a “preview production,” once you see it, you'll definitely want to see more they have in store!

First, lets set up the stage, very minimalistic, yet eerie.  It begs the question, “What did I get myself into.”  However, a friendly zombie named “Hemophilia,” played by the lovely Lara Fisher comes out to dazzle you.  She has tons of personality and quickly puts you at ease as the lights fade into the first of four one act horror plays.

The first play was SPIRIT, which was written by Rochelle Perry.  This was a very cute horror story.  Albeit a little predictable, the actors played it wonderfully.  Josh Fanaroff, the dead ex-husband who never speaks a word, gives a brilliant, yet creepy performance.  Even after the show, while still in make-up you had to wonder if he indeed was the character he played on stage.

The next play was entitled DEEDS, written by Thomas J. Misuraca, and directed by Dan Spurgeon.  This play was something from the horror movies as Heidi Appe played the psychotic wife who frequently has “visitations” from the angels telling them what to do.  Her husband, played by Jonathan Harrison, was her only stability, but after her copious rants about the devil and moving (you'll have to see it) it begins to wear on him.  I don't want to spoil the ending, but know, you won't be disappointed.

It’s here the show goes to another level.  Not just because there’s an intermission after the last play, but because it gets even better in the second act.  The next play PLATO’S CAVE was literally my favorite of the night.  Not only was it witty and eerie, a la Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock, but it was hilarious.  By far the best of the night.  The writing was amazing and the acting only added to its brilliance.  Jackie Marriott, Jules Vincent and Jerry Weil did an outstanding job bringing this piece to life and as an audience member I thank you!

Last, but certainly not least was GHOST LIGHT, written by Dan Spurgeon and directed by Rebecca Lorenne.  I felt like I was watching a movie, not a play in this piece.  The actors did a great job of drawing the audience into the story and the lighting, sound effects & music added to the piece making it a very “visceral” experience to watch.  Although the story was very reminiscent of typical teen horror films, with the stereotypical characters – the jock, the stuck-up sorority girl, the guy next door and the prude, the twist is to die for!!!

But I’m not giving anything away.  To find out how it all ends, you’ll just have to go see it yourself.

Your hostess, Hemophelia (Lara Fisher)
PLATO'S CAVE - Jerry Weil, Jackie Marriott
DEEDS - Richard Lewis Warren, Heidi Appe
DEEDS - Heidi Appe, Jonathan Harrison
SPIRIT - Samm Hill, Henree Alyse
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