by Scott T. Barsotti

Directed by Dan Spurgeon
Opening February 11, 2011

Featuring Carl Bradley Anderson*, Lara Fisher,
Anne Westcott, and Rafael Zubizarreta

* appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

"Uncanny and emotionally powerful." - Chicago Reader

Appropriately unnerving." -
"Compelling and intriguing throughout." - Pittsburgh City Paper
Chekhov would approve, as would George Romero."

"...keeps you riveted for the evening with just four players, a small basement-styled set, and a level of intensity that grabs you within the first few minutes and never lets go." - Creepy L.A.(Full Review)

"...a thought-provoking show from a clearly up-and-coming company here in Los Angeles... the acting is superb." (Full Review)

"...creates a vivid world of fright and tension." - The Tolucan Times (Full Review)

"...talented actors, good directing, well written... the special effects team is to be commended...definitely unique." (Full Review)

When a violent uprising of the undead forces two couples into hiding, infected spouses take a turn for the worse. Gary and Karen have tethered their stricken halves, Molly and Joe, for the safety of all; but as they fall deeper into sickness, the question of whether or not any part of their former selves remains becomes harder and harder to answer as they become more and more dangerous. As Gary and Karen come face to face with the true meaning of commitment, they must ask of each other: when does love die?

Scenes of graphic horror violence; recommended for mature audiences

Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm, February 11-March 19

Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center
11006 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, 91601

Produced by Drew Blakeman and Becky Doppelt
Lighting by Dave Sousa
Set Design by Christine Bartsch and Michael Sadler
Makeup and stage effects by Justin and Melissa Meyer
Costumes by Cynthia Salazar
Sound by Ross Patel and John Santo
Assistant Director Victoria Rabitcheff
Stage Manager John McCormick




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Lara Fisher and Rafael Zubizaretta

Anne Wescott, Carl Bradley Anderson,
Lara Fisher and Rafael Zubizaretta

Anne Wescott and Carl Bradley Anderson


Anne Wescott and Carl Bradley Anderson
to the cast and crew of
for a great show!

Anne Wescott, Lara Fisher, and Rafael Zubizarreta

Carl Bradley Anderson, Anne Wescott
Lara Fisher, and Rafael Zubizaretta